Performance Driven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Strategies


We get results for business large and small, local and national, through extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) industry knowledge, dedication and old fashion hard work. Whether you’re looking to get your new site found, grow your audience or boost sales, we start with your goals and tailor our services around you.  Then, we roll up our sleeves and deliver what we promised.

What We Offer


Know the issues keeping you from climbing above the competition. We dig into your code, perform extensive keyword research, examine your on & off page SEO, analyse your backlinks and weigh up the competition to show you exactly what you need to do to improve your rankings, traffic and ultimately, sales. 


Every website is unique and has a different set of issues, goals and competitors, so unlike most companies, we tailor a strategy just for you. From keyword research and technical fixes to content creation and link building, we’ll map out a strategy based on in-depth research and solid data – then implement & execute everything on your behalf.


See how your SEO investment is paying off with in-depth reports on your site and the competitions. Your account manager is always available to answer questions and recommend what the next step should be. We also provide our customers with information on the latest major Google updates (estimated 300 in 2016) to keep your business one step ahead of the game.

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Why Is SEO So Important?


Not all search listing on page one of Google are the same. So while you might be running Google AdWords or paying to appear in various social media ads, you are likely missing out on the bulk of the business. How much traffic and business are you missing out on exactly? Well, the average click-through rate for paid search in 2015 (worldwide) was 2% (Convario, January 2016) with Google Maps only representing a small fraction of traffic. So, If you’re relying solely on Google AdWords for your traffic, you are missing out on 85% of the traffic running through Google.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

We tailor our SEO pricing plans to suit each & every site, big or small, e-commerce or brochure, looking for national, local or international SEO services.

SEO isn’t a one size fits all approach. Every website & business will be as different and unique as the next. That’s why at Ruby2 we tailor a strategy around your website issues, goals and competition to deliver a holistic solution to get you ranking above the competition. To get a bigger picture of what we can do for your business contact us today on 0861713455.